Historical Background

Horse Pistols

  1. Top left is a high quality horse pistol by Parker & Sopns, UK c. 1800.
  2. Second from left is an officer's or gentleman's holster pistol by Griffin c. 1760.
  3. Third from left (top row) is an officer's pistol by Rigby of Dublin. C. 1800.
  4. Top row far right is a French lady's pocket pistol c. 1680.
  5. The second row is an Austrian military flintlock musket as used by Blucher's troops during the Napoleonic War period.
  6. Beneath that is a British cavalry Paget carbine c. 1805.
  7. To the right of that is a Sea Service flintlock 1797 pattern
  8. On the 4th row down is of course a blunderbus flintlock with flick bayonet by Clarke of London c. 1810.
  9. To the right of the blunderbus is a flintlock travelling pistol by Wheeler of London c. 1790.
  10. 5th row down is a flintlock converted to percussion with flick bayonet by Andrews of London c. 1795.
  11. The small pistol to the right of that is a lady's boxlock flintlock with folding trigger by Hewson of Exeter c. 1795.
  12. The last pistol is a flintlock militia officer's pistol by Henry Nock of London c. 1800.
Of the three swords, the first two are not strictly Regency, more Victorian.
  1. Is a US Navy sword.
  2. Is an Imperial German naval officer's sword - most probably an admiral's.
  3. The last of course is everyone's favourite, a Scottish broadsword c. 1790.