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A Touch of Treason
Genre: Regency
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Helena Marshfield is in hiding. Once the indulged daughter of a baronet, she is now governess/companion to a businessman's daughters. Her family has been in disgrace since her father's very public suicide. What if someone discovers she has another secret to hide, that her father had promised her to the revolting Lord Elverton as payment for a wager? Ivor Stafford struggles to free himself from the mountain of debt his father left. Hiding his problems from the not-so Polite World, he takes solace in his membership of the committee formed by the Horse Guards to investigate how Peninsular campaign secrets are being spilled to the French. Also on the committee is Josh Yardley, Helena's employer. When Ivor and Helena meet, an unwilling but intense attraction has them both wishing...what if? But when Elverton discovers where Helena is living, she is in great peril. What price duty now, Helena and Ivor?