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Mr. Monfort's Marriage
Genre: Regency
Publisher: Self-Published

Matthew Monfort has two excellent reasons for loathing members of the ton, but thanks to his father's machinations he finds himself inveigled into offering for Lady Verity Tristan. Anyway it's time he married and she's...well, she's different; in fact she's quite delightful...and intelligent...and sweet...but she needn't think she's going to win him over.

This review is from: Mr. Monfort's Marriage (Kindle Edition)

5-star review from Cynthia Myers, Colorado.

Mr. Monfort's marriage was a thoroughly engaging read. Though light romps can be fun reads, this Regency has more emotion and depth of characterization than many. Verity and Matthew are a wonderfully complex couple and make for a very satisfying, emotional romance. I will definitely be looking for more of Ms. Hughes's books!


Mr. Monfort’s Marriage

Rating: 4.5
Reviewer: Barb

I really enjoyed this book. I especially liked the spirit of Lady Verity. She overcame so many adversities with dignity and grace. I was rooting for her the whole book.

Matthew was an interesting man. His problems stemmed from a long ago slight at the hands of a lady of the elite class. I was a little put off that he was unable to shake that off and accept the good things that were happening to him after meeting Lady Verity (under less than stellar circumstances too).

I would recommend this book as a good read.


It was such a pleasure to read and review your book. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.
Reviewer: Mac

Mr. Matthew Montford has developed a bitter distaste for the English aristocracy after the titled woman he loved refused his offer of marriage for the offer of a titled but tarnished man. The death of his beloved sister, Anne, due to a situation involving an aristocrat further fueled his distaste for the titled and privileged class. From that day on, Matthew decided the titled class were worthless, cruel, and spent their money with reckless and self-indulgent extravagance. Their disdain for middleclass businessmen who earned their wealth by honest industry and added to the prosperity of England grated on Matthew even more.

By command of her father, Lady Verity Edwina Tristan has lived most of her life since the unfortunate death of her brother dressed as a boy. Lord Tristan’s world shattered the day his beloved son Edward ran his horse in foolhardy abandon over fences and fell to his death. Lord Tristan blames Verity for the worst misfortune of his life. His cruelty knows no bounds as he forces Verity to live a false life and beats his wife whenever he gets in a dark mood. His dark moods are increasing almost daily.

Verity’s younger sister is sent off to live with an Aunt, afforded the best clothes and jewels that money can buy, and lives in luxury in the hope that she will marry a titled gentleman. Lord Tristan has made a marriage contract with the elder Montford between Verity and Matthew Montford. While dressed as a boy, Verity presents herself to Matthew to beg him not to offer for her sister but, when her father in his dark moods begins to seek her out, Verity makes an arrangement with Matthew for a convenient marriage in order to save her life and her mother’s. Matthew agrees to the marriage of convenience, but things begin to change once they are wed. Secrets surface and danger arrives to change the marriage of convenience to something neither Verity or Matthew ever expected.

The twists and turns in Mr. Montford’s Marriage kept me riveted to the pages. I never knew what was going to happen next. Vonnie Hughes built her characters with unique traits and motivations that created drama and added intensity and excitement to the story. Verity proved to be a multifaceted lady used to hiding her true feelings and industrious ideas. She yearns to be free of nobility’s social constraints.

Matthew Montford is not the easiest person to converse with about deep, inner thoughts. Matthew blocks vulnerabilities to protect his broken heart and his mistrust of the aristocracy. Although the pace slowed toward the end, the information and surprises helped to find satisfaction for the reader and to have loose ends resolved. Mr. Montford’s Marriage is a sensual delight with a plot full of surprises. Ms. Hughes has created the most interesting characters; even the secondary characters were unique. I loved how the hero and heroine evolved and grew as the story unfolded. Do not miss reading Mr. Montford’s Marriage or you will regret having missed a magnificent story.