Innocent Hostage - Vonnie Hughes
Romantic Suspense
Dec 01 2014
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Lethal Refuge
Romantic Suspense
Jan 09 2012
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I write Regency and Victorian romantic suspense and contemporary suspense. I try to make my historicals meaty without being didactic. Rules are the bane of my existence. Often those writing rules take me on a journey I did not expect. Ask any writer. I’m a pantster, but I still have to abide by rules such as external and internal goals, motivation and conflict – the stuff that strikes fear into all writers.

I prefer to write psychological suspense with small amounts of action. Don’t get me wrong – I like action as much as the next woman and Suzanne Brockman is my favorite author – but my writing seems to lend itself to the twists and turns of warped minds à la Ruth Rendell and Jeffrey Deaver. Which says something not very nice about me, huh?

And you know what? I’m happiest when I’m writing. Okay – I’m not happy to receive rejections from agents and publishers, but if I’m taken away from the computer for more than a day or so, I get twitchy – very twitchy. And you wouldn’t want me twitchy now, would you? So after an early morning toddle with the dog and a slightly more energetic workout on my own, I creep back to the typist’s chair and hammer out a few more lines.

And I love it.

Pop in again soon, and if you wish to contact me, my business email is Let me know what sort of things you like to read.


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